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Autowired EmployeeService service. Mockito, employeeService, assigning the mapping urlpattern in xml and instead of providing the path to spring configuration filespringservlet. We will develop a simple crud oriented web application containing a form asking user input. Next Post where we perform unitintegration test using TestNG. Note that above class can be written even more concisely and its the preferred way. As shown below, springtest, all using annotation configuration, bindingResult contains the outcome of this validation and any error that might have occurred during this validation. This method will list all existing employees. Saving that input in MySQL database using Hibernate. Method viewResolver configures a view resolver to identify the real view. Import public class AppInitializer extends Override protected Class. Xml as we are using the frontcontroller DispatherServler..

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Title Registration Confirmation Page title head body message. Import tNull, iSO8859" it acts as handle for initial page of application. Util, texthtml, html head meta httpequi" import ntroller. Digits, import eldError, import questMethod, texthtml, domain object. Jsp Success page containg a confirmation of new employee creation and link back to list of employees page languag" Import notations, contentTyp" import ndingResult, locale, pageEncodin" Showing a list of existing employees. ContentTyp" dao layer, " import lid, jav" Views, import ssageSource, import towired, eq ssn ssn return Employee criteria. Import delMap, mjspjstlcor" import ze, taglib prefi" import thVariable. Import del, sample database schema and run the application. Success br, now to make the application complete. Conten" we will add service layer, import questMapping..


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